Metal trade

In addition to remelting iron and steel scrap, recycling non-ferrous metals such as copper along with its alloys brass and bronze, aluminium, zinc and lead, has been a popular method of recycling for centuries. While in the past, purely metallic recycling (remelting) methods were applied, in the 21st century we use complex material compounds for lightweight construction that are carefully crushed and sorted to achieve the highest possible recycling rate and spare resources. This makes it possible to save valuable energy and thus reduce CO2emissions. For example, manufacturing secondary aluminium from aluminium scrap only required 5% of the energy compared with production from ore (bauxite).

The quality grades prepared according to customer specifications will be prepared depending on the requirements in loose or pressed form for use in smelting works and foundries, or as ship cargo if necessary. In addition to waterways, Theo Steil also uses road and railway networks for delivering grades. On-time delivery is the top priority.