Selling – Here’s what we offer you

The following grades are merely excerpts from the sales site.

  • Aluminium sheet shredder grades for use in primary and secondary smelting plants
  • Aluminium profile shredder grades for primary use
  • Aluminium from flotation
  • Aluminium sheet bundles
  • Aluminium filings and pellets
  • Aluminium wire
  • Aluminium casting grades
  • Aluminium commercial grades in all alloys
  • Electrolytic copper from wire and granules
  • Copper new waste/sheets
  • Copper shirring grades
  • Copper cables
  • Copper filings
  • Copper stamping waste
  • Old zinc
  • New zinc
  • Zinc alloys
  • Zinc die-casting
Brass/red brass/copper base alloys
  • Heavy brass
  • Brass alloys
  • Brass hair wire
  • Brass shredder
  • Brass filings
  • Red brass scrap pieces and filings
  • Rolled bronze/cast bronze/aluminium bronzes/CuNi
  • Old lead/type metal

As well as heavy metals with various grain sizes