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Non-ferrous metal commercial grades

Commercial grade non-ferrous metal from old or new production waste in the form of blocks, bolts, trimming scrap, sheets, punchings, granules or slag. This also includes cable waste from industrial and household sources.

The principle types in this regard include:

  • Aluminium cast and wrought alloys
  • Copper and copper alloys
  • Lead
  • Brass and brass alloys
  • Zinc and zinc alloys
  • Tin and tin alloys
  • Alloyed steel/stainless steel with principle alloy components nickel, chrome and molybdenum.

Finished, unmixed grades, loose or in press form, are used as materials for primary and secondary smelting works.

Shredder grade material

Shredder grade material and smelting materials consisting of grindable non-ferrous and ferrous compounds that can be processed and prepared in our plants and separation facilities to achieve unmixed, factory-ready quality.

This primarily includes:

  • Combustion engines and drives for all vehicle types and models
  • Electric engines and transformers
  • Starters and generators
  • CuFe anchors
  • Aluminium window profiles

The casting and sheet shredder grades obtained in this process are used in many primary and secondary smelting plants in Europe and outside of Europe.

Alloyed steel/stainless steel

Alloyed steel/stainless steel from old or new production waste in the form of sheets, coils, punchings and trimming scrap from industrial and demolition sources.

The most important types include:

  • V2A
  • V4A
  • Hard metals and widia
  • High-speed steels
  • Molybdenum