Buying – Here’s what we will buy from you

Sheared scrap
  • Reinforcing steel (structural steel from crushing plants or from new production)
  • Industrial scrap and demolition scrap (construction, machines for building demolition or dismantling)
  • Beams/Mouldings/Rails
Shredder scrap
  • Mixed scrap (lightweight scrap consisting of sheets, pipes, automobile parts)
  • Sheets (collected scrap from private households)
  • Chassis/Old cars to be recycled
  • Mechanical-biological waste scrap (Scrap from recovered fuel treatment plants and mechanical-biological waste treatment plants)
  • Waste incineration scrap, sieved
New scrap
  • New waste from commercial waste collection facilities, coil remnants + sections, stamps
  • Burring scrap
  • Cupolas (foundry-ready beams, sheets, tubes)
  • Heavy sheets made from blanks
  • Casting filings/iron filings from chipping
  • Commercial casting scrap (radiators, tubes, etc.)
  • Machine casting scrap (e.g. presses)
Electronic scrap
  • Large household appliances (ovens, washing machines, etc.)
  • Cooling devices (refrigerators, freezers)
  • Entertainment electronics/information and communication devices, screens
  • Gas discharge lamps
  • Small household appliances, lighting fixtures, tools, toys
Other scrap
  • Scrap with coatings (e.g. asbestos, red lead paint)
  • Grinding sludge from surface processing