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Georg Lenz

Georg Lenz
Material flow management

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At around 100,000 tonnes per year, waste paper is one of the heaviest waste streams we manage. Waste paper is the most important secondary raw material in the paper industry, which is why we place emphasis on optimally recycling the waste paper we collect.

Here, we are able to collect and recycle a wide range (more than 45 grades of waste paper) of various commercially typical paper grades (cardboard, pasteboard, deinking products, newspaper, etc.) including special types (e.g. wet glue labels). Using our two horizontal balers we are able to press the different grades into bales, allowing for optimal transport to the final processor.

When establishing our waste paper grades, we orient ourselves on the list of European (CEPI/B.I.R.) standard types and their grades. These types are subdivided into 5 groups (ordinary, medium, high, kraft and special grades) and are intended to unify mutual trade within the EU.

In the following, we have documented a few of the grades we offer. We are happy to respond to specific enquiries:

Mixed paper

A mixture of different paper and cardboard grades that includes a maximum of 40% newspaper and magazines.

Corrugated paper

Used packaging and sheets of corrugated board in various grades.


Sorted graphic paper from household collection, a minimum percentage of 40% newspapers and magazines.


Newspapers that contain a maximum of 5% colour newspaper or inserts.

Colour files

Correspondence on printing paper and writing paper, mixed colour papers, printed or blank printing paper and writing paper. Free from carbon paper and file folders.


Wood-free, coated paper free from wet-strength paper or colour paper, lightly printed.


Used paper and cardboard packaging containing at least 70% corrugated board, the rest solid board and packing paper