Tipping container

These containers are emptied on site during a collection route. Smaller quantities of commercial waste, wastepaper, plastics and films can be collected separately in them.

Collection vehicles as rear loaders with a pressing device

Five vehicles of this model with integrated scales are available. With these vehicles, mobile containers can be emptied directly on site at the customer’s location during a collection route.

1.1 cbm Tipping container
  • L 100 x W 150 x H 150 cm
3.0 cbm Tipping container
  • L 170 x W 230 x H 150 cm
5.0 cbm Tipping container
  • L 260 x W 230 x H 150 cm
7.0 cbm Tipping container
  • L 320 x W 230 x H 160 cm