Dangerous goods container

Specially labelled containers pursuant to ADR/GGVSE (Regulation on the transportation of dangerous goods on roads and by railway) that guarantee safe loading and harmless transport.

General cargo vehicle

For the transport of general cargo, pallet goods and particularly hazardous waste, we use our general cargo vehicles with dangerous goods equipment and loading platform.

ASP (waste containers for solid and pasty waste)
  • 800 l: L 120 x W 100 x H 121 cm
ASF (waste containers for fluid waste)
  • 1,000 l: L 123 x W 103 x H 140 cm
IBC (dangerous goods container with plastic pallet for fluid waste)
  • 1.000 l: L L123 x W 103 x H 140 cm
Mesh pallet (waste container for old electronic devices)
  • 0.8 cbm: ca. L 124 x B 84 x H 97 cm
Battery box
  • 600 l: L 120 x W 100 x H 76 cm
  • Lidded steel drum 200 l
  • Steel drum with bunghole 200 l
  • Plastic lidded barrel 60 l/120 l