Theo Steil GmbH plans to invest several million euros in a new branch in the Cologne-Godorf harbour by the end of 2020. The aim is to establish a state-of-the-art metal recycling facility with handling, storage and treatment plants for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

As part of public involvement, we would like to offer all interest citizens an overview of the project and the project’s progress.

Project sequence




Preparation of application documents
Over the past weeks, various well-known engineering firms have been commissioned to prepare the necessary certificates.
Preliminary meetings were held with several specialist departments from the competent authorities.
The future neighbours have been or will be informed about the project.


Brief presentation of the project during a public informational event held by the Sürth citizen association

On 14.11.2017, Theo Steil GmbH was invited by the 2nd Chairman of the citizen association “für Sürth”, Mr Manfred Giesen, to present the project during a public informational event. The event organiser did not record the presentation from Theo Steil GmbH as a separate agenda item in the meeting’s program, since other more pressing projects in the Sürth region were concerned. Nevertheless it was agreed that this event should be used to present the project of Theo Steil GmbH. In a brief talk, the Theo Steil company and the significant details regarding the company’s relocation from Deutz harbour to Godorf harbour were discussed using a PowerPoint presentation. Approximately 120 audience members were present. At the request of the event organiser, no discussion was held.


Various certificates are now at the preliminary draft phase. It has already been determined that substantial protective measures and reduction measures will be necessary for
environmental preservation and to protect the neighbourhood. Our planned protective measures and reduction measures will be fine-tuned over the next several weeks, ensuring that there is not likely to be any negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.
In this phase of project planning, small changes occur nearly every day due to various internal stipulations and external standards. Accordingly, the planning documents are still currently subject to a degree of change that will reduce as planning continues.


Einreichung Genehmigungsanträge
Am Mittwoch den 17.10.2018 wurden die Genehmigungsanträge für die Genehmigung nach § 4 BImSchG für unsere zukünftige Niederlassung in Köln-Godorf eingereicht. Die parallel zu beantragende wasserrechtliche Genehmigung nach § 8 WHG i.V.m. dem LWG - NRW ist bereits vorab auf dem Postweg an die zuständige Abteilung der Bezirksregierung Köln versendet worden.