Business administrator in wholesale and export trade

Traders in wholesale and export trade operate in all economic sectors within trade companies or industrial operations. Their areas of application extend from purchasing scrap and metal to processing and storage, as well as the sale of recyclable raw materials and accounting.

While the scheduling department plans deployment for the vehicle fleet and determines billable weights, the shipping department prepares the necessary waybills and shipping papers. The in-house purchasing and sales department prepares invoices for buyers as well as suppliers. All completed transactions will be reviewed, recorded and booked in the financial department. All operational data will be managed in cost accounting and carried out based on those calculations.

In all departments, you will deal intensively with commercial transactions, organising processes and settling internal statutes as well as compliance with statutory provisions to ensure that you can be integrated into negotiations and responsibilities as quickly as possible. All departments are supported by modern electronic software.

Training method
  • Dual training in industry and trade (governed by training regulations)
Duration of training
  • 3 years
  • In case of previous education in the form of technical college entrance qualifications or advance technical certificates, training may be reduced by up to 12 months
  • Completed secondary education

You can find additional information about this training career in our detailed informational flyer.